Use A Page Builder

At first sight, using a dependent page builder seems like an economic idea. You can get started for as little as £10 per month, which is fantastic for a personal or hobby website.

However, if you are a professional therapist or healer you are going to need the advanced business packages, which quickly escalate to £37+ per month for business functionality. Once again this seems fair enough, as it's only £444 per year.

But this is £444 every year forever and ever...

As this is a dependent page Builder, meaning it is built using the system of the company you are contracted to, you are never able to leave without losing all of your hard work, and this is just not cool. Because these companies use an in-house system, there is no way to ever transfer your website anywhere else, and so you're trapped forever.

There are some very positive things about dependent page builders, and they are suitable for many applications, but the personal website of a therapist or healer is not one of them. It's a mistake.

Getting trapped into this type of relationship is only half of the problem, because these dependent page builders lack the true functionality required, to develop and design a High performing therapist website. The fixed nature of the way these page builders are coded prevents independent developers from providing awesome software applications.

Some of the most vital software applications, which are required for a High performing website, that attracts and converts potential clients, simply are not available on these in-house platforms. They may offer certain solutions for businesses, such a search engine optimization and online booking, but they are weak and often underdeveloped.

A further issue with these dependent page builders is the amount of time it takes to truly master them, and once again if one does, one is dependent upon the particular page builder forever.

You can learn to use them but your new skills trap you.

Many of the leading dependent page builders have great training in place, which teaches you how to design a page and make it look good, but more is needed for a High performing website. Making a website look good is the easy part, but if you want your website to perform well by attracting and converting clients, then a different type of work is needed.

The Independent page builders we offer great training that shows you how to design a website, but they will never show you why to design a website, which outperforms your competitors. They will not show you how to write powerful articles, which motivate your visitors to become clients. They will not show you how to design every page of your website, in relationship to the journey of your customer.

They will not show you how to define your services and your perfect clients.

They will not be able to show you how to design a High performing website for your therapy business, because that is not their business. It takes your experience as a therapist and our help and experience as therapists and web designers, digital marketers, copywriters and web developers to create You're High performing website.

The manifest my website service is fundamentally built upon the WordPress platform, which means all of the problems above are instantly mitigated. You can move a WordPress site from one host to another in 5 minutes, which means you truly own your website, exactly how we feel you should. Although our hosting is so awesome we believe you will never want to leave.

WordPress is an open-source platform, and at its core is free. Because of this thousands of developers have created amazing examples of software, which accelerate the function and performance of the core WordPress installation. WordPress powers around 30% of all websites you will ever visit because it is simply amazing.

The first thing we do when you purchase the manifest my website service is set up and install WordPress on your server, associated with your domain name. We then install over £500+ of independent software, handpicked for the perfect therapist's website. This becomes the core of your website, which includes the capacity to create pages, articles so much more.

Healer Hosts does ALL of the development so you can design.

The Amazing thing about working with Us & using WordPress is that you will not have to learn any code whatsoever, because we will do all of that for you. Not only will we ensure everything is set up in the beginning within 24 hours, but we will also then continue to update, maintain and ensure the security of your website, for only £3 per month.

In respect of your time now and in the future, let me introduce you to our independent page Builder and professional WordPress theme. Your website will include Beaver Builder and Astra pro theme. Click the icons below to find out more...

beaver icon

Beaver Builder Pro

$99 +vat

Premium Plugin

Beaver Builder is the page builder you can trust with your business. Take control and join over 500,000 WordPress websites built with Beaver Builder.

Normal Purchase Price
$99 + vat

Astra Pro Theme

$59 + vat

astra icon

Premium Theme

Astra is made for speed. It is the most lightweight theme available in the market and offers unmatched performance.

Normal Purchase Price
$59 + vat year

The overall appearance of your WordPress website relies upon a theme, and Astra Pro theme is the fastest performing, and most versatile, professional WordPress theme available today. With our complete online training, you'll very quickly learn how to design a website, that is not only beautifully responsive but also high-performing.

Beaver Builder is a WordPress plug-in. A plugin is a software package which has been developed independently, to integrate fully with your WordPress website. Beaver Builder is more than a drag-n-drop page Builder, that allows you to design your website,  in real-time, exactly how your visitors will see it. It is so much more, and with step-by-step training, will soon be able to design pages in minutes, that other people pay £100 for.

The combination of Astra pro theme and Beaver Builder is a powerful and carefully selected one. This means that your website will load extremely quickly, and look beautiful on any device, making a truly responsive and future-proof design.

You may have noticed that each of these softwares incurs an annual subscription fee of over £150. The manifest my website service, includes these plugins and 30+ more, with a total value of £500+ for only £3 per month.

You save over £500 per year every year forever.

How do we do this? Healer Hosts purchases a developer licence, from the producers of the software which allows us to install this software on your website, and then we support you as we continue to update and maintain your software for £3 per month. Over many years we have selected the best software, which will ensure your website performs exceptionally well, and with our comprehensive training, you will build a website that attracts and converts your perfect clients.

There are over 50,000 separate plugins available for the WordPress platform, which means the development of your website is Limitless, unlike those websites which are built on dependent platforms. This is why dependent page builders are a mistake.



To create a powerful Online presence, that reflects who you are and attracts the clients you want to serve...

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