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When a therapist or a healer is needing a website for their business, one of the first things to decide is the name of your Website. It's a really important decision and it's wise to spend some time getting it right.

The name of your Website is your Domain Name. Click Here for a short technical explanation.

One of the first things that may happen when your searching for a domain name for your therapy website, is that your chosen name is already taken. You may be able to use a different TLD, such as
My advice is to be very careful with this choice as it's not the smartest thing to do. Here are some reasons why:

  • The already registered domain 'name' may be independently Copyrighted.
  • It will be very difficult to control your Branding, Image and Reputation.
  • It will be difficult to attain social media accounts with the same username.
  • Any SEO strategy & will be affected by potential cross-contamination.

There are exceptions. For example, if you want to use your own name such as your Christian/Surname. In this case, it makes total sense, even if someone has a different website and has the same personal name. You could choose a TLD specifically for your country, and this could work provided they are not in the same Business as you!

Using your own Birth name is a very good idea for your Website.

It adds a personal touch and helps to build trust with your potential clients, which is very useful for a Therapy Website. It allows your visitors to know you and can help convert them into clients. It allows you to become the solution your potential clients seek, rather than the methods you use. This is useful over time also, as you may change your healing modality in the future... But you will always be you so there would be no need to re-brand. I've been through this decision myself and with others many times, and there is a common resistance to using one's personal name, which is very interesting.

As a first choice, using your personal name is probably the easiest and best one to make, especially for the personal services you offer to people. It's wise to also consider the options of Subdomains. e.g &

Not using your personal name? Be smart, creative and careful..

When you choose to use a name that is not your name, there are some important things to consider that are often overlooked. The following tips will help you to select your perfect domain name:

  • Short, Memorable & Easy to type.
    The shorter the better. Long domain names are difficult to remember and even more difficult to read. Remember your domain name will be on printed media, and you want it to be neat & short.
    Say it out loud to see how it sounds, because you're going to be saying it a lot! A short domain name is much easier to remember, being important for your existing clients when they want to refer their friends & family. Keeping it short also makes it much easier to type, especially on a mobile phone or an Ipad. Avoid numbers & Hyphens whenever possible, as they confuse people and don't translate well. People tend to use a Hyphen when the domain name they want is unavailable, but this is a bad idea and you should think of another name.
  • Use keywords & geography.
    Using words that are important to your business activities is a great idea, and a combination such as 'what you do and where you do it' can be very powerful. e.g Unfortunately, you will find that many of these domain names are already taken. Be patient and think outside the box, but DO NOT be tempted to hyphenate. Using keywords & location helps people find you with SEO, and also makes your Website name more memorable. The downside is you are boxed in a little bit, particularly with geographical names as you won't be able to move your business. The same applies if you start practising different therapies in the future.
  • Research & More Research.
    This is the most important step. It's important to search your shortlisted domain names on Google. Remember to use an Incognito window, to prevent skewed results due to cookies. Check to make sure your chosen name is not trademarked or copyrighted. Pay attention to social media profiles, and try to find a domain that does not match existing profiles on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin. This is important for your branding and future Marketing activities. You should be able to research a single domain name in 10 minutes. You can keep the name checker open one tab & google search in the other.

Hopefully, these quick tips will help you decide upon the best domain name for your Therapy or Healing Website. My advice is to make sure you feel good about your chosen name/names, as any doubt will cause havoc later on. I'd recommend asking some colleagues or friends to attract another opinion, but above it's you that needs to happy.

Use our Domain Name Checker & Good Luck!


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