Hire A Website Designer

When a therapist or a healer is needing a website for their business, they often consider the idea of hiring a web designer, but this is a big mistake for a few reasons.

Firstly there is a massive discrepancy between the quality of web design, and the amount that may be charged. The truth is that the Quality web designer will charge a minimum of a £100 per hour. This is rather reasonable, considering the amount of skill required to not only design a website but to also ensure it functions properly, which is known as web development. A quality web designer will have a good grasp of web development also, enabling them to undertake any custom work required, without outsourcing to a web developer, who will also charge a minimum of £100 per hour.

The secret then is to find a quality web designer, who is also a capable developer, but that in and of itself is easier said than done. Even if one can manage to find a quality web designer, there will always be a significant wait, as they are often very busy. The initial outlay for a quality web designer would be around 20 hours of work, which is of course £2,000. But only the naive think that the work ends there because any website needs to be maintained fully over time, and also as one's business changes the website must reflect these changes also, and so one must employ the web designer over many years at £100 per hour.

A quality web design should and does cost around £3,000 over 3 years.

Many therapists and healers when looking for a new website for their business, start to take the Budget option, which appears to be very attractive, considering how much money it costs for a quality design. This is where an offer will be made to design your website for £300 or Something like that. This is even worse and the first option, because what you'll end up with is a Soulless template, that looks just like every other S*** therapists website. Typically your business will be given to a temp or farmed out to India. Either way, whoever is designing your website has no time to do it properly, and probably has another 10 websites to design that day, and really doesn't care about your intention to help and Heal people. I know what I'm talking about, because I've seen it with my own eyes, and could purchase a full WordPress web design right now, for £100.

The design will be weak and would not work properly for long, as all the updates would be ignored, security would fail and this site would ultimately be dragged into the gutter where it belongs. These £300 web designers may be great for certain types of business, but the energy given by a therapist or healer and the trust they need from their client, make this a most unsuitable proposition, it is a mistake that so many fall into.

To take something so precious, such as your intention to help and heal others, and all the effort and work that I know you've been through, and then present it to the world in the cheapest way possible, it's very sad.

" I can't afford a decent website."

I've heard this so many times, and it's the very thing that led to the development of the manifest my website service, because it makes me so upset to see decent people throw their intentions, onto the fire, because they can't invest £3,000 in a quality Website designer.

You can afford a decent website, you just can't afford to pay a quality Web designer.

Hiring a quality web designer Is definitely better and hiring the cheapest one you can find because you will end up with a website at least it looks the part.

BUT... This is only half of the problem because web designers are not digital marketers, which means even though your web design may be pretty, the chances are it will not perform well, in terms of attracting your perfect clients. This is not the web designers fault, because their job is to make your website work well and look good. It's someone else's job to make sure that your website attracts and converts your perfect clients. In order to do this you will need to employ the skills of a copywriter, perhaps a graphic designer, maybe a web developer, a search engine optimizer, social media expert and so on and so forth...

Depending on how well you design your website to perform, in terms of attracting and converting your perfect clients, will affect how much you will need to pay the other people involved, as mentioned above. The problem is at the web designer will infer that once your website is designed, all will be well. This is not true. Even if you had a quality web designer, a lot of work needs to be done over many many months, in order for your website to attract and convert your perfect clients.

A quality WEBSITE should and does cost around £5,000 over 3 years.

In order to be kind it also to maintain integrity, I've kept this budget rather low. The cold hard truth he's that an awesome looking website, which functions well, attracts and converts clients and is maintained properly, really costs around £10,000 over 3 years. It sounds a lot and it is, but copywriters, web designers, web developers, social media marketers, graphic designers only to be paid, and in this case, you definitely get what you pay for.

BUT... There is a whole other problem yet to be discussed, and this may seem a little weird. The truth is that even if you find the perfect team, including an awesome website designer, they're still not you. Only you can be you after all, and if you think anyone other than you, can ever design a website expresses who you are, you are so wrong.

A therapist or healer needs a special website, because we are special People.

We work with people's minds, bodies and Souls. What you do requires absolute trust from your client, otherwise, the work we do will always fall short of the potential. Your website is the place where your relationship with your kind begins, and so requires a certain kind of attention and design. Your website needs to express and reflect who you are and what you do, so that your potential clients, get to know you, and trust you enough to work with you.

A web designer cannot do this, and it's not fair to expect them to do so. Only you can manifest your vision with your intention. Would you telephone your friend in Australia, describe what you're looking at, and expect them to paint the perfect picture? So why expect a web designer to design a website that expresses who you are? They can't.

The truth is that intention is everything, especially when working as a therapist or Healer, as I'm sure you know all too well. Your website Is literally the expression of you, in the digital dimension. It is foolish to take that most precious of intentions, typically earned through pain and suffering, sometimes years of training, and often divine inspiration, and give it to somebody else... To try and show everyone else, what you are and what you do. It is a massive mistake.

Only you can design a website that really works for you.

"I don't know how to design a website."

This is often the next statement that I hear when discussing this subject. It is a perfect place to start, because if you don't know how to do something, then it means it's time to learn. This is how the manifest my website service by Healer hosts, can totally transform your capacity to express yourself online.

As mentioned earlier, at least 20 hours should be allocated for the initial design of your website, and would typically cost around £2,000 if you were to pay a web designer. So let's be real if you were wanting to design your own website there would be a steep learning curve and will take you at least twice as long, which is 40 hours. It would be around 20 hours learning and 20 hours of practical work.

The manifest my website service comes with 21 hours full video training, which will teach you how to design your own website from start to finish, it should take you around 40 hours, or 10 days at 4 hours per day.

This would save you around £4,000 and produce far superior results.

Not only will you learn how to design your own website, but you also will never need to purchase the time of a web designer again, as you will be able to make changes to your website, as your business develops, all by yourself.

"I'm not a digital marketer or a copywriter."

This may also be true, which is why the training provided to you, includes all the information you need, to learn how to do these things for yourself. After all, no one can write about your subject as well as you can, and no one can express more clearly your intention (Marketing) more than you can. You already have everything you need, to create a website for yourself which attracts and converts the perfect clients. You just need a little help.

"I'm not a web developer."

This is probably very true, otherwise, you wouldn't be here. Learning how to install and update WordPress CMS, manage databases, choose and manage software plugins, set up hosting packages, design website security, implement full spectrum maintenance packages and so on and so forth... Is not fun!

Ensuring your website functions properly is the job of the web developer. The manifest my website service does all of this for you. We would never ask of you to become a web developer, as it's extremely unrealistic, time-consuming and alternately pointless if you only want to design a handful of websites for yourself. Therefore, Healer Hosts takes care of all this for you, as the initial setup fee, and we will continue to do so for only £3 per month.

We do the development so you are free to design.

In conclusion then, hopefully, you can see that the very best person to design your website, is in fact you and always will be. You may not know how to do so at the moment, but you can learn very quickly and have your website built in 10 days or less.

This is because we will first ensure that the development of your website is exceptionally completed, including over £500 specialist software, handpicked by us for the perfect therapist website... We will then continue to make sure that your website functions exceptionally, for many years to come.

Then all you have to do is follow along with the comprehensive training, learning how to design your website, which is far easier than you may think right now. Not only will you learn how to design your website, but you'll also learn many other things which will ensure your website, attracts and converts your perfect clients.



To create a powerful Online presence, that reflects who you are and attracts the clients you want to serve...

To learn how to Design your Website so that it converts clients, and never have to pay anyone or lose control again...