Do It By Yourself

When a therapist or healer is looking for a new website, some take the option of building their own from scratch. This is a mistake. The amount of work involved in developing a website cannot be underestimated, as it is a difficult and highly technical task, and is also continuous for the life of any website.

On the surface, it seems like an economic advantage can be gained, by going it alone and building a website from the ground up, but sooner or later the web developer has to go beneath the surface, and this is time-consuming and expensive. It makes total sense if one plans to build multiple websites because then the massive investment of time can pay dividends later, but to build a few websites it is a very poor investment of time.

How do I know this? I've been building websites for 7 years now, the first 4 years working with HTML code, and the previous 3 years using WordPress. I've spent months of my life searching Google trying to fix the latest problem, and then spending hours troubleshooting the same problem. If I'm honest this is something that I've enjoyed, as it suits my personality, and it led to me creating Healer Hosts and the manifest my website service. The thought of doing the same thing to build a single website for myself, from the beginning again, makes me cringe.

Developing a website alone is expensive and time-consuming.

WordPress is a pretty straightforward platform, but when you start to implement plugins, themes, security, search engine optimisation, server-side caching and so forth it can get very complicated very quickly. The problem is that a standard WordPress install is only about 10% of the work required, to have a high functioning website. All of this is well before the design process can start, and so momentum can easily be lost before anything of value is produced.

Even if a person is stubborn enough and has enough time, to develop a website alone, it is still a very poor investment of time and energy. Even for a simple 10-page website, you could take up to 50 hours, wrestling your website into reality. Even at a minimum wage of £10 per hour, this is still £500 and 50 hours that could be spent in a much more productive way. The Investment of time reviewed honestly at £30 per hour is most shocking indeed...

You could waste £1,500 and 50 hours before designing a single page.

The problem runs deeper than this because any website requires constant updates and maintenance, to maintain a high level of security and functionality. This also takes a considerable amount of time, as 30+ independently developed software programs, continuously interact with each other. Each plugin is like a cog in a machine.

What are the most time-consuming tasks when developing a website is selecting the software to provide the functionality, and although it sounds simple it's not? A therapists website is a specialist website and requires special software, which takes time to select and install, then uninstall and reinstall again. Hours and hours in fact.

The performance of your website, in terms of getting results, is a very hard thing to get right on the first attempt. We all make mistakes the first time we do anything, but making a mistake with the expression of yourself and your business is not cool. It's difficult to quantify the amount of time that can be wasted, creating a website that does not attract and convert your clients.

Developing and designing your website is only the beginning because your website is a tool, and needs to be utilised, to get the results you desire. To even understand the basics of digital marketing takes a long time, and much more time can be wasted still in digesting all the b******* that one can find on the Internet. Your website needs to be designed effectively to produce a result, but without the help of experience, this is a very difficult task.

Designing your website is the beginning and not the end.

Poorly constructed and designed websites simply don't perform. They fail to convert visitors into clients, even if they can acquire any visitors at all because most poorly Developed & Designed websites do not appear in search results. SEO can be a very difficult subject to learn, which is why experts demand over £200 per hour.

I could go on... But this is getting a little depressive, so let's turn our attention to the solution, and the reason why Healer Hosts exists, to help and support you. The manifest my website service, as I'm sure you're aware by now, has been created to solve many of the problems that therapists and healers face, when looking to design a website.

The first thing we decided to do at Healer Hosts was to take responsibility for ALL of your website development, which means you don't have to and can avoid all of the pain mentioned above. Because we know what we're doing, it's not too difficult for us at this stage, although it can still be challenging and time-consuming, it's still something we enjoy.

The first things we do when you order the manifest my website service is to do all the initial web development for you. We will set up your server, hosting environment, install SSL certificates, complete a full WordPress installation, install many plugins, create backup schedules, register your site with Google webmaster, create a Google Analytics account and so on.

We do all of this in 24 hours or less to maintain your momentum.

Once all this work has been done for you, your website is ready to enter the design phase, which means you've been saved from the time consuming and expensive tasks, of setting up your website. Not only this, but we will continue to keep your website secure, highly functioning, updated and fast for only £3 per month.

It's a good deal that we can only provide because we are a not-for-profit community interest company. Because we are not driven by profit and are driven to support you you manifesting your intention, we're able to do this.

As mentioned before, web development is only part of the problem... or the solution in this case. Each of the plugins has been carefully selected, to empower you in creating a website which attracts and converts potential clients.

For example, you will have pre-installed on your website, configured and ready to use the most effective professional SEO plugin available for WordPress. This is Yoast SEO. Click the Icons below for some details.

yoast icon

Yoast Premium

£79 + vat

Premium Plugin

It is the favourite tool of millions of users. Yoast SEO helps you aim for that number one spot in the search results. 

Yoast SEO does everything in its power to please both visitors and search engine spiders.

Normal Purchase Price
£79 + vat

Yoast Seo Local

£69 + vat

yoast local icon

Premium Plugin

It tells Google everything it needs to know to put you on top in local search results
It enhances your contact page, so your online visitors actually make it to your place

Normal Purchase Price
£69 + vat

When thinking about the ways you can attract potential clients to your website, SEO has to be a major aspect of any marketing campaign. Hopefully, you can see how comprehensive the Yoast software packages are. I've personally been using them for many years, and would never run a WordPress website without them installed.

You wont pay the annual subscription fee of £177 inc VAT per year.

This is just another example of how the manifest my website service can save you a considerable amount of money. This software is installed on your website, included in the set-up fee and is also updated and maintained for only £3 a month.

Not only is the software included and pre-installed, but the comprehensive training teaches you how to write for search engine optimisation using keywords, and how to utilise the software itself.

The 21 hours of training which is included with the manifest my website course, has been created to ensure that you are focused upon building a website that works for you and becomes an effective tool in your business. It is the Antidote to going it alone, which can waste so much time and money. We've taken years of experience and lessons we learnt through mistakes and condensed them into this very intensive training, so you don't have to make the same mistakes we did.

The online training will protect you from wasting your time.

You can get on with designing your website, attracting clients and ultimately helping more people as you do what you do. The online training allows you to work at your own pace, but is designed to be completed in 10 days, so the momentum of your manifestation is protected also.

As you go through the training you are also not alone. We are sincerely there to support you so you may achieve your desires, whilst designing a website. We work on the entire process together using a custom project management system, whereby we can connect and communicate very easily until your website is designed and completed. We are also available on the telephone, via email or live Facebook messenger chat.

We will support you as much as you need us to. Our support for you does not end when your website is completed and designed, as we will always be there to assist you and maintain the security, functionality and performance of your website.


To create a powerful Online presence, that reflects who you are and attracts the clients you want to serve...

To learn how to Design your Website so that it converts clients, and never have to pay anyone or lose control again...