About HealerHosts

Why We Do It

We are a Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company.

The Problem

Most Practitioners Websites are of very low quality.

Web Development is poor, giving slow loading, insecure, non-responsive, dysfunctional websites that fail to attract potential clients who need help.

Web Design is often outdated, unsophisticated, depreciated and ostentatious. The better ones are using "Tacky Templates" or dependent Page Builders.

Marketing Messages are confusing, ambiguous, and self-centred. Images are pixelated and without unconscious resonance. Copywriting is loose and unfocused.

Poor Websites DO NOT attract and convert potential clients. Business & Clients are let down.

Hire A Website Designer

When a therapist or a healer is needing a website for their business, they often consider the idea of hiring a web designer, but this is a big mistake for a few reasons. Firstly there is a massive discrepancy between the quality of web design, and the …

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Do It By Yourself

When a therapist or healer is looking for a new website, some take the option of building their own from scratch. This is a mistake. The amount of work involved in developing a website cannot be underestimated, as it is a difficult and highly technical …

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The Solution

When Developed, Designed and Marketed well, a Website yields a constant flow of clients and more client referrals year after year.

The reason why the problem exists became very obvious quickly... TIME vs MONEY.

We have created the 'MANIFEST MY WEBSITE' service that now solves the problem completely.

You may not have the MONEY but you do have TIME to invest in creating a High-Quality Website for yourself!

With support and education, the best person to design your Website is you, not a Quality Web Designer.


Hire a web designer

A Quality Website Designer will charge £100+ p/h. Over three years you will need at least 30 hours.

Web Designers are NOT Marketeers, Developers or Copywriters. Expect to invest £1000+ for these also.

A quality website costs £4000+

Even if you had the money... A Website Designer is NOT YOU!




The only way to create a Website that reflects who you, attracts the right clients and works is to...

Design it Yourself.

Not only will you save £1000's over many years. You will be in control.

You will be empowered to express yourself, and your sacred intention. This is what attracts clients!


Do it by yourself

Learning Website Development is a very time-consuming enterprise.

Website Development is a technical minefield of troubleshooting.

Selecting the right platform & software is expensive and requires continuous updating & maintenance.

You will waste valuable time and lose the momentum of your manifestation.




We do ALL of the Website Development for you so you are free to design.

We continue to update & maintain your Website for only £3 per month.

Your Website has 30+ Plugins installed that would cost you £500+ alone.

21 hours of step-by-step training.

We will support and help you to achieve the manifestation of your intention.

Hi. I'm Ian Edward Heslop.

'HealerHosts has been created by me to support other Healers, Therapists & Practitioners in building a powerful Online Presence.
HealerHosts will help you to Create, Design & Market your own Website. Your Website will attract and convert your perfect clients. So you can help them!



Ian Heslop

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